WELCOME TO SHILOH PENTECOSTAL CHURCH ( near the famous Ridley Rd market)
    E8 3DL
    We are preparing to transition back to in person services. While 'church online' certainly has benefits in person interactions are still the bedrock of church community. With this in mind we are reopening church on Sunday 27 September at 12 o'clock God willing!
    In the meanwhile you can catch up with the Sunday services and midweek discourse by looking at the Shiloh Videos section of this website or by tuning in to our youTube and  facebook channels.
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    You can also watch Shiloh pentecostal Church on Youtube.  (Youtube channel shilohdalstonchurch) We pray that you will find this channel a bto be a blessing to your spiritual growth and walk with the Lord jesus Christ.  Visit watch, subscribe and share, videos will be posted weekly so stay tuned. There will be videos from previous years as well as and current videos.  Feel free to leave comments and to the believer who watches, remember to witness and share love and your testimoney in the comments section, it maybe that you will lead someone to life in Christ, God bless you and keep you and cause his face to shine upon you. Amen.
    Shiloh dalston is now on mixcloud, proclaiming the word of God and music.  You can tune in to listen to weekly uploads past and present, the word transends time and space so no word will be out of
    date as you prayfully seek wisdom and understanding, from the holy scriptures.  Feel free to share and be encouraged, blesed and uplifeted by the ministr of Shiloh Pentecostal Church Dalston UK.  Audio sermons can be found n this site in the audio sermons link through the videos dropdown men